Earn yourself a Professional Master’s Degree or a Postgraduate Diploma


Welcome Message from the Vice - Principal of Student Affairs

Dear Graduate Student,

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you, our first cohort, to our Master’s Degree programmes at Excelsior Community College (ECC).

Your decision to pursue higher degree studies is not only important for your personal and professional development but also to the development of our country and our region through the attainment of increased knowledge, skills and competencies necessary for driving economic activities in a globally competitive environment.

Naomi Jacobs Vice- Principal, Student Affairs

Services Offered

Clubs & Societies

These groups provide a variety of involvement opportunities for students. Though this is dominantly an online course, the challenge will be for students to get involved virtually.

Student Support Services

The College sees the development of the total human being as a part of its mandate, and being a Methodist institution makes this fact even more significant.

Advising & Counselling

The College is served by two Guidance Counsellors and a Chaplain, who offer individual and group counseling services. The Counselling Programme is aimed at promoting the social, emotional, and general wellbeing of students at all levels of the institution.

Student ID Card Information

Electronic IDs will be available within two weeks of registration each academic year. The online graduate student will be assigned an ID number once they are registered. Students will also be informed of the time that the Student Affairs Office will issue the electronic identification cards.

Student Government

Student Government is made up of student-run bodies that serve as the official voice of the student body. At ECC-OGS, we attempt to enhance the student experience by acting as a governing body and an advocacy group for students.

The A. Wesley Powell Learning Resource Centre

The information hub of the College. The Learning Resource Centre serves the evolving and innovative needs of both faculty and students. It helps current and future users find, evaluate, use and create knowledge through the use of up-to-date print and online resources.

Main Campus
Eureka Road Campus

Excelsior Community College is a registered institution with the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information (MoEYI) in Jamaica, and the University Council of Jamaica (UCJ), the local accreditation body.

Excelsior Community College obtained Candidacy for Institutional Accreditation in March 2019 from the UCJ. As such, our Masters’ Degree programmes curricula are developed in alignment with the UCJ’s and recognized industries occupational standards. Additionally, our programmes are aligned to the Jamaica Tertiary Education Commission (J-TEC), the National Qualifications Framework of Jamaica (NQF-J) and certifications are to be offered by the Council of Community Colleges of Jamaica (CCCJ).

Dr. Smith Welcome