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Master in Business Administration (MBA)


The Master in Business Administration (MBA) is designed with industry participation and advice. This programme provides students with an opportunity to develop knowledge, competences and skills in the following areas of specialization:
  1. Banking and Finance
  2. Human Resource Management (HRM)
  3. Logistics Management
  4. Project Management
Students of the Master of Master of Business Administration will graduate with immediately usable skills and should be able to:
  • Think critically and creatively in selecting alternative solutions.
  • Solve complex problems to support management decisions.
  • Identify and evaluate options to solving business problems thus creating a shift in the economy
  • Undertake research into all areas of specialization.
  • Develop numeracy and quantitative skills to apply to business management.
  • Apply critical self-reflection to business practice and experience and the different areas of specializations
  • Communicate complex solutions effectively to business related decisions.
  • Use information technology effectively in different areas of specializations.
  • Enter the working world in leadership positions in the Project Management, Logistics Management and Banking and Finance Sector
  • Be the social entrepreneur who always searches for areas that needs change, responds to it, and exploits it as an opportunity to implement change thus creating employment

Matriculation/Articulation Requirements

To matriculate to the programme, applicants must fulfil one of the following:

  • Holders of a Bachelor of Science Degree with at least a GPA of 2.5.
  • Mature entry (Application of Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition – PLAR).

Persons who do not have the required GPA or uses Mature entry may be accepted through an interview process, submission of a portfolio and assigned bridging courses. The potential candidate should demonstrate work experience and additional certification achieved.

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Excelsior Community College is a registered institution with the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information (MoEYI) in Jamaica, and the University Council of Jamaica (UCJ), the local accreditation body.

Excelsior Community College obtained Candidacy for Institutional Accreditation in March 2019 from the UCJ. As such, our Masters’ Degree programmes curricula are developed in alignment with the UCJ’s and recognized industries occupational standards. Additionally, our programmes are aligned to the Jamaica Tertiary Education Commission (J-TEC), the National Qualifications Framework of Jamaica (NQF-J) and certifications are to be offered by the Council of Community Colleges of Jamaica (CCCJ).

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